Episode 68 // Apply Your Authentic Identity Internally First

Jun 12, 2023

Mike, David, and Sam talk about why you should apply your authentic identity internally first before your start to push in out into the world. They tackle questions like:

  • Why should you focus on your team first with your brand identity?
  • Why not just jump into external marketing and comms? Can’t your team just catch up?
  • What outcomes or results or benefits can you expect from focusing internally first?
  • How do you build consensus and get buy in from everyone on your identity?
  • What pitfalls or challenges do you need to look out for as you bring your authentic identity to bear on your team?
  • What are some ways to engage internally with your brand?
  • How can you apply your brand identity deeper with your team – beyond just posters on the wall and cool swag?
  • How do you handle team members or even partners of your firm who push back on your brand identity?
  • How do you engage different experience levels with your brand – new hires vs long-time team members vs partners with ownership?
  • What tools are helpful in communicating and living out your authentic brand identity?
  • How do you ‘keep the flame alive’ so to speak – not drift from your brand as you grow as a firm?

Contact: Mike Jones mike@resoundcreative.com

Discuss at https://www.linkedin.com/company/resoundagency

The show is recorded at the Resound offices in ever-sunny Tempe, Arizona (the 48th – and best state of them all).

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