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Conversations about finding your authentic brand to build lasting relationships with customers, staff, and the whole wide world.
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Think you’re remarkable?

You’re absolutely right. Even if your customers, your team members or your leadership don’t know it yet. Isn’t it time you showed the world what you have to offer? We think so. That’s why we’ve started the Remarkabrand podcast. Listen in as Resound CEO Mike Jones and an array of guests get together to talk about all things branding.

Whether you’re a brand new B2B, or a manager with decades of experience leading a marketing team, we’ll be covering topics you need to hear—and throwing out strategies, examples, and interviews that are all about growing a healthy, authentic brand that builds relationships with customers, staff, and the world.

Have we mentioned improv? Yeah, every good podcast has improv. So put that commute time to work and tune on in. It’s gonna be remarkable.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 74 // How do you create INTERESTING marketing content? In this episode of the Remarkabrand Podcast, co-hosts Mike Jones and Sam Pagel delve into how to invigorate marketing messages with creativity, particularly for professional services firms like accounting. Their conversation...

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Episode 73 // How do you get your marketing messages out? You've got your brand foundation set and you know your audience. You even know what to say to your audience. But how do you get that message out? What channels do you use? Mike and Sam break down the tactical side of...

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Episode 72 // What kinds of content should you be making?

You know your audience and you have a strong brand. But, what kinds of content and media should you be creating? Should you be making Tik Tok videos to communicate to your B2B clients? Should you spin up a podcast just because everyone else is doing it? In this...

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Get to know branding

You don’t have to eat, sleep and breathe branding to show the world that you’re remarkable. But it doesn’t hurt. And it certainly helps knowing some of us who do. If you’re interested in growing an authentic, winsome brand that builds relationships and connects with customers and the world, then you’ve come to the right place.

Building on over a decade of experience building remarkable brands across the country, we’ve got wind for your marketing sails. With Remarkabrand, you’ll hear more than marketing tips and insights, (though we love those as well).

With stories of real brand-building case studies, insights on how to spend your money and resources discovering and developing your authentic brand identity, and guidance on brand strategy and brand expression, it’s got everything you need to show the world you’re remarkable. Because even if you don’t think about being remarkable every waking second… you still are. And the world needs to know about it.