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Conversations about finding your authentic brand to build lasting relationships with customers, staff, and the whole wide world.
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Think you’re remarkable?

You’re absolutely right. Even if your customers, your team members or your leadership don’t know it yet. Isn’t it time you showed the world what you have to offer? We think so. That’s why we’ve started the Remarkabrand podcast. Listen in as Resound CEO Mike Jones and an array of guests get together to talk about all things branding.

Whether you’re a brand new B2B, or a manager with decades of experience leading a marketing team, we’ll be covering topics you need to hear—and throwing out strategies, examples, and interviews that are all about growing a healthy, authentic brand that builds relationships with customers, staff, and the world.

Have we mentioned improv? Yeah, every good podcast has improv. So put that commute time to work and tune on in. It’s gonna be remarkable.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 57 // Brand Your Products Using Product-Led Growth

Yet another Remarkabrand Podcast episode! Mike Jones and David Cosand  discuss a super effective tool in product branding called product-led growth (PLG) and Matt Johnston, CEO of GitKraken, is back to discuss how his company uses PLG to effectively sell to their very...

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Episode 56 // Imprisoned Inside of Your Product’s Branding

Yet another Remarkabrand Podcast episode! Mike Jones and David Cosand name 10 products that are actually brands (comedically) while discussing what is the difference between product branding and organizational branding. Learn about the dangers of tying up your...

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Episode 55 // Can an Authentic Brand be Cancelled?

Yet another Remarkabrand Podcast episode! Mike Jones and David Cosand name 10 of their favorite trends that came out of the trend generator while discussing what superficial branding is and why authentic branding can fortify your brand against being cancelled amidst...

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Get to know branding

You don’t have to eat, sleep and breathe branding to show the world that you’re remarkable. But it doesn’t hurt. And it certainly helps knowing some of us who do. If you’re interested in growing an authentic, winsome brand that builds relationships and connects with customers and the world, then you’ve come to the right place.

Building on over a decade of experience building remarkable brands across the country, we’ve got wind for your marketing sails. With Remarkabrand, you’ll hear more than marketing tips and insights, (though we love those as well).

With stories of real brand-building case studies, insights on how to spend your money and resources discovering and developing your authentic brand identity, and guidance on brand strategy and brand expression, it’s got everything you need to show the world you’re remarkable. Because even if you don’t think about being remarkable every waking second… you still are. And the world needs to know about it.