Episode 14 // Live Interviews from PHX Design Week 2017 – Part 4b: Alex Center

Nov 19, 2017

Interview with Alex Center – Designing for vitaminwater and smartwater at Coca-cola

Summary: In this episode of AZ Brandcast, Mike and Chris interview Alex Center – former Design Director at Coca-cola and now a New York-based freelance designer.

Some highlights from this episode:

  • Alex gets excited about eating Arizona tacos…and the realities of moving from designing for one of the largest beverage brands in the world to starting his own design studio.

This is part 4(b) of 4 in a series of interviews recorded live at the 2017 Phoenix Design Week conference – Method+Madness.

Contact the co-hosts: Chris Stadler at chris@chrisstadler.com and Mike Jones at resoundcreative.com

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Recorded live at the Phoenix Convention Center, in partnership with AIGA Arizona at the Method+Madness Phoenix Design Week conference.

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