Episode 3 // Want a Good Reputation? Put Yourself through the Fire. (Accountability for Brands)

Jun 30, 2017

“Everyone wants to be like Nike, until it’s time to do Nike stuff.”

Everyone wants a good reputation, but few are willing to do the hard work to achieve it. It’s too easy to be tricked by the siren song of quick results. But to really be effective, you need to find your big promise, define your big goal, and then get accountability toward that goal. And so, as we’re exploring Arizona’s brand, we’ll use principles of how the best businesses are doing it and see if we can apply those principles to the state we love.

Accountability hurts. It feels inconvenient…like we’re stopping progress. But you need to go through it in order to get your best results.

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Recorded at Gangplank in every-sunny Chandler, AZ

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