We are so incredibly stoked to be hosting a live podcast from the Phoenix Design Week conference – Method + Madness!

What’s this, you say? A live podcast?

Yup. You got it. On October 29th, we’ll be podcasting live from the Method + Madness conference in sunny downtown Phoenix. We’re rounding up some awesome guests for the podcast as we speak. We’ll be talking with some of the speakers from the conference as well as other members of Phoenix’s remarkable design community to help us unpack why design is important in brand strategy as well as get their take on what makes Arizona a unique and special place to start, grow, or relocate your business to our fine state.

How can you listen in? Two simple ways:

  1. Grab a ticket for the Phoenix Design Week Method + Madness conference on October 28th and 29th! http://phxdw.com
  2. Or you can stream the podcast from your device of choice. Be sure to check back here on our website for the link. We’ll try to make it super easy to find and get connected.

If you want to hear more about Phoenix Design Week and all the awesomeness going on, go check out our interview podcast with the event organizers. We had a hilariously good time.